The Techno-Process

The techno-process is is the physical interface of the anthropogenic economic system and describes the manner in which we take resources from the environment around us, how we manipulate and make materials out of what we take and what we waste. Our techno-process results in underlying molecular flows that are adversely affecting earth systems.

The Techno-Process

The detrimental affects on Earth Systems are depicted in the figure below:.

The Detrimental Affects of the Techno-Process

Material and Moleconomic Flows

Underlying the techno-process that describes and controls the flow of materials and energy are molecular stocks and flows. If out of tune with nature these moleconomic flows have detrimental affects on earth systems.




Changing Moleconomic Flows

To reduce the impact on earth systems new technical paradigms need to be invented that result in underlying molecular flows that mimic or at least do not interfere with natural flows and that support rather than detrimentally impact earth systems

Reusing, Reducing and Recycling.

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