Mission Statement

"To teach that we can live in harmony with the planet and maintain a higer standard of living by doing so"

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To survive the future we have to reinvent the techno-process which is the physical interface of our global economy. The reason is that underlying the flow of materials and energy (resources) through this process are molecular flows that are damaging such as CO2 into the air which is a global commons. The key to an environmentally sustainable future lies in developing profitable technologies that eliminate or even reverse resource flows that result in these damaging underlying moleconomic flows.

The CO2 problem is one of balance, not just emissions. De-coupling CO2 from the world energy equation cannot feasibly happen quickly. Our plan is to demonstrate that sustainability is achievable as a profitable process involving new technical paradigms that mimic nature by sequestering carbon on a massive scale and that economically damaging constraint need no longer will be the mainstay of strategies to solve the problem pf global warming. By converting our wastes including carbon dioxide to resources to create the built environment we can more slowly change our sources of energy to alternatives to fossil fuels such as geothermal and solar. Our silver bullet solution to solve global warming, waste, water, energy and other problems involves a new system of calcium - magnesium based binders to make concretes with man made carbonate aggregates and a process for making them without releases that runs on non fossil fuels.

Our concrete formulations are universally applicable and holistically designed involving the entire mix. We are not selling something in a bag. What we are selling is a strategy that is also a solution to the biggest problems facing the planet. Our lead product, Eco-Cement sets by absorbing CO2 and can, if everybody uses it and builds with carbonate and wastes, solve the global warming and waste problems profitably within a short period. As Fred Pearce reported in New Scientist Magazine, “There is a way to make our city streets as green as the Amazon rainforest. Almost every aspect of the built environment, from bridges to factories to tower blocks, and from roads to sea walls, could be turned into structures that soak up carbon dioxide - the main greenhouse gas behind global warming. All we need to do is change the way we make cement”[1].

We can profitably live in harmony with the planet

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[1] Pearce, F. (2002). "Green Foundations." New Scientist 175(2351): 39-40.