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9th of May 2008TecEco Eco-Cement Technology Must be Good if People are Trying to Take Credit for It: Comments on the Announcement by Dr Cheeseman of Imperial College

In an article dated 1 May 2008 published by CNPlus, the on line newsletter of Construction news in the UK and that has also appeared in a feed to aggregateresearch.com and elsewhere, it was reported that a Dr Chris Cheeseman of Imperial College London claimed he had invented a new carbonating magnesium oxide cement. The offending articles are available at http://www.tececo.com/rdandd.thirdparty.php as links in the text on that page.

If Dr Cheeseman was correctly reported TecEco Pty. Ltd. (TecEco) utterly rejects the contents of the news story as being a total misrepresentation.

According to the report \"while carrying out research on one such compound the Imperial team stumbled upon the fact that the resulting cement also absorbed further CO2 from the atmosphere as it hardened.\" TecEco achieved the development of Eco-Cements (its name for the same cement) some years ago and have many exemplars around the world. There is even a building in the UK made with carbonating magnesium cements supplied by TecEco that \"hardened\" in the manner described. The offending articles are available at under Third Party RD & D on the TecEco web site as links in the text on that page.

It would seem from the report that the only thing the researchers at Imperial College have stumbled over is the truth. Eco-Cements are magnesium oxide hydraulic cement blends that in permeable substrates will harden by taking up CO2 and water from the air and John Harrison, the managing director of TecEco who invented them in 1999 lodged a PCT to cover them in 2001. These same cements are according to the report exactly what Dr Cheeseman is now claiming he has invented.

That John Harrison of TecEco invented these new carbonating magnesium cements has been widely reported by the media around the world, the first major story being by Fred Pierce who wrote \"Green Foundations\", published in New Scientist Magazine, vol. 175 issue 2351, p38 on the 13th July, 2002. Further media reports, documentaries and other media confirming Mr. Harrison\'s invention are available under Media on the TecEco web site. Mr Harrison has since prepared many papers and presentations given at many major conferences around the world recording the fact from the very first that in porous concretes cements containing magnesium oxide carbonate and these same cements are also documented in the Archives of the TecEco web site going back many years.

Dr Cheeseman telephoned Mr. Harrison on the 8th May 2008 and claimed that the report was incorrect and not his doing. This excuse was not confirmed by Mr. Alasdair Reisner the publisher of the original article. On the contrary, when contacted Mr. Reisner stated that Dr Cheeseman made it clear to him that his team had invented something new. Because of this and because the new Imperial College spin off company to develop the cements is called Novacem and Nova suggests \"new\" TecEco do not believe these later claims by Dr Cheeseman that he was not trying to claim credit for the invention of the cements invented by Mr. Harrison and that CNPlus had not reported him correctly.

As Dr Cheeseman has had little experience with TecEco cements and not collaborated with us and as our patents and formulation know how both have very wide relevance we do not believe anything new or that we have not anticipated has been invented by him or his team. As for some time authors from the BRE, Imperial College and Cambridge university have been doing their best to discredit Mr Harrison and the TecEco technology in the last few years we now believe the agenda all along was was first to discredit and then take control of this very important technology. This ugly scenario is further described on the TecEco web site. (See RD&D/ThirdPartyResearch)

TecEco surmise that Dr Cheeseman\'s misrepresenation appears to be a ploy to attract funding and we further therefore comment that systems that force academics to be fiercely competitive in a commercial world they have little understanding of is bringing out the worst in them and that if we are to solve the urgent problem of global warming a much more collaborative approach is required.

As the true inventor Mr Harrison is aggrieved by Dr Cheeseman reported claims, particularly so as he met Dr Cheeseman in 2003 and 2004 and described the TecEco innovation to him and at conferences he attended. Dr Cheeseman was further given samples of porous (and thus permeable) carbonating magnesium cements by Mr Harrison during this period. Indeed Dr Cheeseman, his students and and John Harrison our managing director have corresponded about the cements. Understandably John Harrison is now very angry that Dr Cheeseman is reported as claiming he has invented them.

TecEco demand an investigate and will be writing to the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills Technology Strategy Board who are funding Dr Cheeseman and the Rector of Imperial College regarding Dr Cheesman\'s misrepresentation as our board take Dr Cheeseman\'s reported gross misrepresentation very seriously.

TecEco warn Dr Cheeseman and others that they cannot reinvent history and Mr Harrison reserves his options to take further action if necessary in relation to the reported misrepresentation. As of the 9th May 2008 TecEco are waiting on complete written retraction that has been promised and when this arrives it will be published by us.

20th of October 2007John Harrison Receives Award for Excellence from Australian Concrete Institute John Harrison was pleasantly surprised to pick up an award for excellence at the Concrete Institute of Australia conference in Adelaide on the 18th-20th October, 2007 for his work on TecEco cements.
16th of October 2007Porecocrete Wins the Prize for the Best Innovation at Infrastructure 07Porecocrete, our pervious concrete pavement that also sets by absorbing CO2, won the prize for the best innovation at the recent Infrastructure Australia 07 Exhibition held between the 6-8 September 2007 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia (\"Jeff\'s Shed\") Infrastructure Australia 2007 is a highly specialised trade exhibition focusing on the products & services required for commercial, industrial and major projects. There is rising interest on pervious pavement in Australia. One problem with the rising interest has been that TecEco are being swamped with interest about the technology and the demand for pervious pavement using Porecocrete is expected to be huge. TecEco\'s Victorian representatives are Asset Rehabilitation and Sustainability Services (ARSS). The proprietors Andy Ward or Leigh Unsworth may be contacted on 95970611. Andy\'s mobile is 0411088467 and Leigh\'s mobile is 0408504087.
16th of September 2007Newsletter subscribe/unsubscribe and forum fixedWe have at last found the time to fix the subscribe/unsubscribe facility for the newsletter and the forum.
28th of July 2007Newsletter 69In newsletter 69 John Harrison discusses compelling reasons why the concrete industry should take up TecEco technology
5th of June 2007New PresentationJohn Harrison gave a comprehenive presentation accompanied by a paper on Gaia Engineering at the GREX 2007 conference on the 3rd June 2007. See downloads at http://www.tececo.com/document.php.
27th of April 2007Updates to Web SiteIf you are revisiting TecEco please note that as of 10 April 2007 the website was reloaded and until completion on 30 April 07 was being significantly updated
9th of April 2007Major Update to TecEco WebsiteIf you are revisiting TecEco please note that as of 10 April 2007 the website has been reloaded and has been significantly updated
2nd of January 2007Programmer/Civil EngineerOur wholly owned subsidiary TecSoft Pty. Ltd. are looking for a programmer with some understanding of concrete to help us complete unique batching software written in C++ Will consider shares for work. For further enquiries please contact John Harrison
16th of November 2006Concrete Crews WantedTecEco are looking for concrete crews to help implement our technology for customers all over the world. A committment to sustainability is essential, ability and experience useful. You will be asked to sign our confidentiality and contractors agreements available on the web site under legal. Please contact the managing director, John Harrison. His details are on the web site under contacts.
22nd of August 2006Honest Scientists Wanted\"Brucite is a known blocking or densifying agent in cement\" Was this known before 1999 - True or false? Please state your opinion giving credentials and references. For more information see Newsletter 60 or contact us
24th of June 2006Seeking Input to Draft CharterWe are looking for input in relation to a draft submission for the Australian Sustianability Charter which appears in Newsletter 59. Please contact John Harrison if you are interested.
31st of May 2006John Harrison in MalaysiaJohn Harrison our Managing Director will be in Malaysia during the period 4th June to 17th June if you wish to contact him
11th of May 2006Lost EmailOur Managing Director has accidently lost all email from the 8th May to the 12th May inclusive. If you emailed him during this period please do so again
11th of January 2006CarbonSafe Economic Solution to Global Warming AnnouncedTecEco announce the CarbonSafe process for solving the global warming problem economically. See Projects\\CarbonSafe for details
29th of September 2005Eco-Cement Mortar Mix from WasteAn eco-cement mix has been tested at 1:7 with quarry waste under 5 mm and was found to have excellent rheology, bond and strength development through carbonation. We are very excited about this first product and hope to release it soon through a major company.
29th of September 2005Eco-Cement Mud (Adobe) Brick BreakthroughTecEco have been testing eco-cements with both compressed and puddled mud (adobe) bricks and found they outperform any other binder by a factor of around 100%. We hope to release special mixes soon for this market. Full details newsletter 51.
16th of March 2005First Commercial Tec-Cement Concrete SlabTecEco poured the first commercial slab in the world using tec-cement concrete with the assistance of one of the larger cement and pre-mix companies. For full details see newsletter 46 and RD&D/Building Research Projects
3rd of March 2005New Employee WantedTecEco are looking for a young science graduate living or prepared to live in Hobart. Preferred applicants would have a chemistry, geology, civil engineering or materials science background. An additional business qualification would be desirable.
12th of February 2005TecEco Wins Peoples Vote at ABC New InventorsTecEco's Cement Technology won the peoples choice vote for the ABC New Inventors Episode 1. The results were:
waterHOG 16.2%
Eco-Cement 71.3%
Grow N Fit Extendable Dog Kennel 12.4%
This was a massive vote for sustainability!
9th of February 2005John Harrison Wins Episode of ABC Inventors

John Harrison, the inventor of tec, eco and enviro-cements and managing director of TecEco Pty. Ltd. has just won the 9th February episode of the New Inventors broadcast across Australia.

John won with TecEco eco-cement which is a blend of reactive magnesium oxide (reactive magnesia) with conventional hydraulic cements like Portland cement.

The invention is of global importance because eco-cements set by absorbing CO2 out of the air and combined with kiln technology also being developed by TecEco which captures CO2, could potentially turn the problem of global warming around.

See Newsletter 43 for more details

31st of January 2005TecEco Goes CommercialAs from the beginning of February, 2005 TecEco will be selling Tec-cement, eco-cement, reactive magnesia and clinoptilolite. For more information please navigate to the new product and customer areas on the web site.
27th of March 2002Comet Funding InvitationTecEco receives and invitation to apply for Comet funding
27th of March 2002Examination of PCT CompletedSuccessful completion of the examination of our provisional
19th of March 2002TecEco Wins Prize For Best InnovationTecEco wins the prize for the best innovation or invention at the Innovators and Inventors Expo 2002
14th of January 2002Share Capital$ 44,000 raised from a number of incoming shareholders
24th of June 2001TecEco Web Site Goes LiveSouthcom, a Hobart web hosting service creates space on their servers for TecEco. A short time later TecEco goes live as TecEco.com.au
28th of January 2001Lodgement of PCT ApplicationTecEco magnesium cement patent application lodged as a PCT in Australia.
8th of November 1999Incorporation of TecEco Pty. Ltd.TecEco Pty. Ltd. incorporated

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