Unfunded Projects

Project: Author: Notes: Relevant Pages on TecEco.com
Syncarb John Harrison Most of the components technologies of syncab have been well tested. We want to talk to big companies with potentially big budgets to fund a Syncarb project.

About Syncarb Carbon Recycling
Sequestration of CO2 in Brines

Products from Syncarb John Harrison This is potentially another big budget big outcome project Making Products from Syncarb
Rapid Beach Rock John Harrison We would like ot take on this budget on behalf of the Australian government for Pacific Islands. Any other ideas? Please contact us. Rapid Beach Rock
Minerals from Tailings John Harrison We were talking to a large mining company and gave many good ideas away. They shot through without even a word of thanks. I am getting used to this. Anynody more honest want to try this? Minerals from Sequestration in Tailings

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